Entry in Weekend Jam! #4 - Night
Limitation: Don't kill anything

Entry in GDQ One Mechanic Game (OMG) Jam 8
Theme: Recycle, and using my own assets

Don't let the wrong type of falling garbage land in the wrong truck.

Fonts used: Roboto Slab (Light), Noto Sans (Bold)


Sort the Waste-linux-ia32.zip 69 MB
Sort the Waste-linux-x64.zip 68 MB
Sort the Waste-win32-ia32.zip 65 MB


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It's nice. The thrid stage is impossible though xD there are to many moving parts!!


I dig the concept! Great work! The biggest issue is way too many controls to keep up with. May have worked a lot better to use a mouse instead and just have some right/left arrows by each bin line. Kept getting confused. haha. Main note:

  • Simplify the controls if possible. Too many controls to keep up with will just make a player feel frustrated.

Fun little concept thought! Hope you expand on it! :D

Interesting concept! I was able to beat the game after a few tries. I noticed that it was very difficult for me to pay attention to 2, let alone 3 different "receptacles" at once. I would've liked a "total" amount for the wave so I know my margin of error - losing at 39/40 feels bad, haha. Good implementation, but I think games where you have to divide your attention are quite difficult for a lot of people.